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These are going to be personal experiences to me :)

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So, my GCSE exams are coming up soon (by soon, I mean next Tuesday!!!!) And I'm kinda stressing out. My room is literally covered in books and paper and stationary and random worksheets I've had since 2013 (and some clothes...) I can't wait for them to be over to be honest. Not only will I have a clean bedroom (probably not but, OPTIMISM) but I will be able to enjoy my free time. I'll be able to read books again, I'll be able to exercise more (pfft, probably gonna forget that one), I'll be able to hang out with my friends without having to say "so, what's the quadratic equation???"

Oh, don't get me started on maths. Maths is going to kill me, I swear.

Anyone else doing their exams soon, good luck, and hopefully your face won't look like the picture attached to this post (sorry it's sideways) :D

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